Quality Guarantee

SanaExpert manufactures its products in compliance with the strictest quality standards.

All products are manufactured in Germany and are approved by both the German NemV (Dietary Supplement Ordinance) and the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration). All products are produced in accordance with the German guidelines for dietary supplements and the German NemV. We also meet all American standards and are approved by the FDA.

Over many years we have worked together with leading institutions to conduct research. Our goal is to discover even more effective micronutrient combinations for our products.

We rely on our SanaExpert quality guarantee:

Our quality guarantee includes the use of thoughtfully selected raw materials, trustworthy production, product analysis, and the continual optimization of our products. We conduct all production and research in close cooperation with knowledgeable experts up to date on the latest scientific findings.

A variety of studies (intrinsic and foreign panels) help us find the nutrient combinations that can best help alleviate various health indications.

All these factors oblige us to fulfill our quality standard:

All processed raw materials are subject to strict quality controls before entering the production process.

Our quality assurance system consists of the following components:

Product analysis:

The analysis involves the overall control of the combination of each and the total compound of all ingredients.

Raw Materials:

Only purchased from certified suppliers. Each of our ingredients comes with an analysis certificate provided by the raw material supplier.

Packing materials:

Packing materials are also purchased exclusively from certified suppliers. All packing materials are renewable. Further information on the contribution we make to climate protection can be found under "Climate Protection".

Lot #:

All products of SanaExpert will be marked with a lot number. As a result, SanaExpert is always informed of the ingredients, location of the production, and the customer.

Our goal is to produce nutritional supplements and dietary foods with the highest possible quality. Every day we strive to better SanaExpert and our products.