The company SanaExpert, with its full assortment of orthomolecular products, is among one of the leading German manufacturers in the nutritional supplement and dietetic foods industry. From continuous research and development of new products to innovative manufacturing and packaging processes, SanaExpert strives for the highest quality.

SanaExpert's mission is to incorporate the latest scientific findings into the development and composition of micronutrients. For this reason, SanaExpert works closely with various institutes and industries.

SanaExpert is one of the largest providers of healthcare products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and China. In addition, SanaExpert is active in climate protection (read more about the climate protection activities of SanaExpert here) and supports many international athletes in popular and high-performance sports.


We make a promise and assume responsibility to our customers by labeling our products "Made in Germany". We produce exclusively in Germany, are registered in the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI), and are governed by the food control authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, all of our products are FDA approved. For more information on our quality promise, see "Quality Guarantee"

Furthermore, please inform yourself in our health catalog or our sports brochure. For further information please contact our customer service at

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